Comparative Analysis of Dual Stator Machines


  • C.C. Awah Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. PMB 7267 Umuahia, Abia State


Field vectors, inductances, torque, torque ripple, magnetic force, Field vectors, inductances, torque, torque ripple and magnetic force


Electromagnetic performance of three different types of double stator permanent magnet machine is analyzed and compared in this study. The analyzed machines in this study are Machine 1, Machine 2 and Machine 3. These machines are designated as: M 1, M 2 and M 3, respectively. The studies are implemented using two-dimensional and three-dimensional finite element analysis (2D-FEA and 3D-FEA) methods. The predicted performance indices are: total harmonic distortion of the voltage, torque ripple, cogging torque, winding inductances, output torque and unbalanced magnetic force (UMF). The studies show that the investigated machine types have negligible reluctance torque and thus, similar axes inductance values. Therefore, the machines’ bulk torque components are contributed mainly by the magnets while the armature excitation sources yield lesser torque components. Amongst the compared machines, M 3 type has an outstanding performance in almost all the performance metrics, compared to M 2 and M 1 types. Nevertheless, M 1 machine type has some good attributes, particularly, with respect to its high output torque per applied magnet volume, in addition to its widest operating speed range ability. Low-speed high-torque applications are most suitable for the investigated machines in practice.


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